Costa Rica Whale Ride

Ever wonder what activities to do while in Costa Rica with the whole family? Why not take a good look at unique Costa Rica whale ride experience? Consistently drawing in millions of visitors each year, Costa Rica offers a pleasurable vacation that draws most families (especially those with kids) closer to nature. Every inch of this tropical country is filled with natural wonders and biodiversity. Aside from miles and miles of white sandy beaches and aquamarine blue waters, it is also back-dropped with a dense rain forest and cloud forests giving you more chances at gaining memorable experiences while being there.

Costa Rica Whale Ride - Fun For The Whole Family

Today, however, Costa Rica whale ride is like riding a banana boat and it is even more fun. Cosat Rica is famous for its whales and depending on the day or season you may get to see a whale while riding our whale ride! Some of the most common species seen in the area are sperm whales, humpbacks, and pilot whales (part of the dolphin family). The first two types of whales are normally seen from August till December while pilot whales are seen throughout the year.

Usual Package Treat for Visitors

A Costa Rica whale ride is, indeed, a fun treat for family vacationers. With more banana boat and whale boat rentals on the web for this type of services, it is imperative that you choose simply the best, safest and most trusted boat rental company in Costa Rica. Traveling with the whole family requires security and this is what makes a class of its own. With these services plus security features attached to it, enjoying each segment of your itinerary will definitely bring in satisfaction to everyone.

Personalized Services With Costa Rica Whale Ride

Imagine your own personal whale ride experience for your group of friends or family. Enjoy the sun, the surf and the whale ride in the Pacific ocean. With so many fun water activities it is easy to see why La Playa Fly Boards is the stop for all fun water activities.

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