Deerfield Beach Banana Boat Rental

The biggest plus is that you can ride in the banana boat with 3 or more of your friends depending upon size. It is more fun and more exciting when you go in a group. Won't it be a sheer pleasure to share a thrilling adventure and laughter with your family and friends? Imagine shouting and laughing together in the middle of the sea with your loved ones. It does sound tempting, isn't it?

As the name suggests, banana boats are inflated boats in the shape of a banana. They are towed, by a speedboat or a jet skier into the deep sea. Your boat is pitched, tossed and rolled into the undulating waves in the middle of the ocean. Sudden toppling into the sea can raise your adrenaline. Get ready to go ecstatic with joy.

Are you worried about your safety and the safety of your near and dear ones? Don't worry. You are provided with life jackets and helmets. You are assured of full protection when you go on a banana ride. But it is always wise to go for the best option if you want to have maximum assurance of safety and fun. If you are looking for the best, you should come to us. Here at La Playa Watersports, we are proud to declare that we offer you the best. We invite you to join us for a spectacular adventure ride in our banana boats.
Why should you choose us when there are too many other options to choose from? Your safety is our primary concern. That is the reason we make sure that you are given the best jackets and helmets. We guarantee the most experienced and professional crew and captain. We are licensed and insured. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

It is true that some moments are unforgettable and remain in your heart and memories forever. It can be more exciting and more memorable if these beautiful moments are captured, isn't it? We offer you photo package to capture you and your group in action. We have been ranked #1 in outdoor adventure. You will understand why we were ranked #1 when you come to us. You can enjoy the benefits of group discount offers. A banana boat ride with Deerfield Beach Banana Boat Rental is the most economical way to have fun and excitement.

A Banana boat ride is sure to be enjoyable. You are given 100% guarantee of satisfaction and safety when you come to us. Come to us and get ready to have fun bouncing, jumping and toppling in the deep blue sea.


$20 Ride
  • 4-5 riders
  • 15 minutes
  • Safety Instruction
  • Optional Photo Package