Welcome to La Playa Water Sports based out of Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton and Delray Beach Florida.

We are Florida’s home of the hottest new extreme water sport, Flyboarding. Riding a Flyboard in Florida is an experience like none other! Come join us for your introductory flight, we have some of the most experienced instructors in North America, to make sure you get up in the air quickly and have a safe experience.

Flyboarding is like nothing you have ever experienced. It is the newest and most exciting water sport to come to life in years. Imagine being propelled up to 30 feet into the air shooting water out of the pumps as you fly in style on your fly board.

The physics of Flyboarding are so simple you will ask yourself, why they didn’t think of this sooner. A Flyboard or modified snowboard is attached to a jet ski where the thrust created by the Jet Ski motor is forced through the hose to start the liftoff.
The flyboarder is actually in control of most of the flight experience except for the amount of power going to the thrust. The flyboarder, as they get more experienced or with the instructors discretion can increase this thrust to an appropriate level.

The activity itself has been named Flyboarding becuase it involves strapping on specially made water jet boots to a modified snow board attached to a Jet Ski. It really must be seen and experienced to feel the freedom one has hovering in the air, like someone from the future.

La Playa Water Sports is now open for business in Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton and Delray Beach. We have the Flyboard currently available on Saturday and Sunday with two launch times, 9 AM and 1 PM. Visit our booking page or email info@laplayawatersports.com to reserve your spot today and to inquire about our photo and video packages available with all of our excursions.

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Flyboarding is easy to do. Click below to see the instructions for operating a fly board and then book your flight.

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Imagine flying through the air or swimming under water, you control the fun and speed of this amazing new water sport.