Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: What is the level of risk involved with this type of water sport activity?

A: Flyboarding is very safe.  Since 2011, when it was first invented there has not been one serious injury to date.  This is partially due to the instructors, equipment and level of safety precautions conducted by the controller. We use helmets and life jackets to avoid any swimming or possible head injuries.  The Flyboard itself is not heavy yet strong and thus takes quite a bit of the fall should someone lose balance.  It is important that an inexperienced flyboarder not be allowed to go to extreme heights until mastering the other levels first.  All of this makes Flyboarding a very safe and extremely fun water sport.

Q: What is the basic history of Flyboarding and how long has it been around?

A: Zapata racing was the first to invent the sport of Flyboarding in 2011.  The originator of this ingenious creation was none other than Frank Zapata, who began to experiment with the idea of using a Jet Ski engine to make a water board fly or hover.  Frank is an expert Jet Skier who competes professionally since he was 17.  From that time until now Frank has dedicated himself to create some of the highest power Jet Ski’s available today, not to mention an amazing sport.

Q: How does Flyboarding work?

A: The Flyboard is propelled by the power of the Jet Ski. The hose connects from the back of the Jet Ski to the Flyboard. The more the accelerator is pressed on the Jet Ski the more water that is pushed out of the bottom of the board allowing for flight.

Q: To what degree does the Jet ski move the Flyboard?

A: The Jet Ski does not move the board at all.  The Jet Ski is completely powerless once the hose is connected to the Flyboard.  It is simply the engine of the Flyboard.

Q; What are some of the health concerns that would prohibit one from Flyboarding?

A: The main things we are concerned with are any serious back or knee injuries.  Someone with these injuries could fly but the experience would have to be hindered by decreasing the power on the board.  We leave it up to you?

Q: What are the age and weight requirements for Flyboarding?

A: The minimum age requirement for Flyboarding is 12 years old. Riders under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present in order to participate. The Flyboard will support riders between 90-300 lbs.

Q: What level of a swimmer am I required to be to experience Flyboarding?

A: All Flyboard riders should be comfortable in the water and confident in their swimming ability.

Q: At what depth typically is Flyboarding done in?

A: The minimum recommended depth for Flyboarding is 12 ft.

Q: Who decided how much power or gas in Flyboarding?

A: The operator of the Jet Ski has control over how much gas or power is created by pressing the accelerator.  This controls the amount or quantity of water being pushed or propelled through the hose directly to the Flyboard.  Due to the physics of the Flyboard the amount of power does not correlate too directly to the amount of height the Flyboard goes off the ground.  Gravity, weight of the participant, wind, quality of the equipment all plays a factor in this.